Class Descriptions

Infant Program
Infants bring their own unique pattern for interacting, playing, feeding and sleeping each day and this pattern changes frequently throughout the first year and a half of life.  Fundamentals uses these patterns to guide each child through their daily schedule while at the center along with daily communication with parents.  Our devoted teachers are committed to making a child’s first transition away from home as easy as possible for both the child and the parents.
Our Infant Room provides:
• Infants who thrive from the close, warm and caring relationship with their care givers
• Group interaction to develop social skills and a child’s natural curiosity
• Each infant with own individual feeding and sleeping schedules
• Daily written and personal communication between parents and staff to keep families aware of all aspects of their baby’s care
• Focus on cognitive and motor skills through playtime activities
• Lots of opportunities for children to explore their environment
• An outdoor play area right outside their classroom which increases the number of opportunities to enjoy outdoor play.

Young Toddlers
Children develop more between the ages of 1½  and 2½ than during any other year of their life.  They acquire language, motor, social, and communication skills that serve as the foundation of their overall development as a person.  Because of this rapid development, our toddler room follows a theme based curriculum that allows for many opportunities for individual, small and large group experiences.

Our Toddler Program features:

• Large spacious room that allows for a variety of activities
• Large outdoor play area
• Daily documentation of activities of each child’s day
• Small group activities including songs, stories, number and letter recognition, creative art activities and more.
• Caring and experienced teachers

Older Toddler Program
The Orange room at Fundamentals is unique in that it is focuses on children while they are transitioning to a more independent preschool environment.  The program has a strong focus on self help skills such as toilet training, sharing, “using our words” and other skills that enable the child to become more independent.

Our Older Toddler Program features:
• Strong focus on developing self help and independent skills
• Daily written summary of activities and child participation. Toilet training is also documented to support communication between school and home.
• Large outdoor play space
• Participation in library outreach program with the Grandview Heights Library
• Opportunity to participate in extra classes like “Fundance”

Pre School Program
In our Preschool Room, the children are now very good at the classroom routine. They are ready for more exciting lesson plans that stretch their growth and skill development.  The teachers and director work to extend and enrich their understanding of the world around them.  They learn about nature, family, science and language through planned and spontaneous activities that happen within their classroom.

Every day the Preschoolers are learning in the areas of:
• Language
• Socialization
• Math
• Science
• Music
• Art
• Physical Activity

Pre-K Program
This is the time to think about getting ready for Kindergarten.  This group spends their day in activities very similar to what they will see in public school kindergarten.  They have group time each day where they share their ideas and talk about what is happening in their classroom.  They make plans and work on them throughout the day.  Their activities help them develop further their ability to use the information around them.

Every day the Pre-K  students
• Hear and write stories
• Have class meetings to make decisions about the day
• Play games and have independent play
• Do class projects and activities in math, science, literature, social interaction and art.
• Get lots of exercise on our large outdoor playground!

School Age Program
The children in our School Age Program come to Fundamentals after a busy day at elementary school.  They attend  Kindergarten through 5th grade at schools in our area.  We currently transport to schools in Grandview, Upper Arlington, and Trinity in the Columbus Diocese.  Our goal for our school age students is to provide a  relaxed yet planned time after a day at school  where friends can spend time together engaged in meaningful play and conversations. Unlike their elementary school experience, at Fundamentals children are part of a  small group of students where each child is very involved in every project and everyone has the chance to be a leader.  Many children develop friendships during their time at Fun-damentals that last for years.

The School age Program provides children with:

• Transportation to area schools on the Fundamentals activity bus
• Lunch served to Kindergartners; morning and afternoon snacks for all
• Group discussions and projects
• Games
• Outdoor play on our spacious playground
• Holiday, vacation and school days off care available at Fundamentals
• Field trips
• Summer Program
• Teachers with years of experience!